BanisterMurray of Spaghetti
11/4/2015 - 7:45 PM

SQL to .NET variable type map

SQL to .NET variable type map

SQL Server data type          CLR data type (SQL Server)    CLR data type (.NET Framework)  
varbinary                     SqlBytes, SqlBinary           Byte[]  
binary                        SqlBytes, SqlBinary           Byte[]  
varbinary(1), binary(1)       SqlBytes, SqlBinary           byte, Byte[] 
image                         None                          None

varchar                       None                          None
char                          None                          None
nvarchar(1), nchar(1)         SqlChars, SqlString           Char, String, Char[]     
nvarchar                      SqlChars, SqlString           String, Char[] 
nchar                         SqlChars, SqlString           String, Char[] 
text                          None                          None
ntext                         None                          None

uniqueidentifier              SqlGuid                       Guid 
rowversion                    None                          Byte[]  
bit                           SqlBoolean                    Boolean 
tinyint                       SqlByte                       Byte 
smallint                      SqlInt16                      Int16  
int                           SqlInt32                      Int32  
bigint                        SqlInt64                      Int64 

smallmoney                    SqlMoney                      Decimal  
money                         SqlMoney                      Decimal  
numeric                       SqlDecimal                    Decimal  
decimal                       SqlDecimal                    Decimal  
real                          SqlSingle                     Single  
float                         SqlDouble                     Double  

smalldatetime                 SqlDateTime                   DateTime  
datetime                      SqlDateTime                   DateTime 

sql_variant                   None                          Object  
User-defined type(UDT)        None                          user-defined type     
table                         None                          None 
cursor                        None                          None
timestamp                     None                          None 
xml                           SqlXml                        None