10/2/2019 - 8:19 AM

Select da view Ordine Acquisto

SELECT * FROM v_ekkona INTO TABLE xekkona
          WHERE ebeln IN r_objky        AND kappl IN r_kappl
            AND lifnr IN s_lifnr        AND kschl IN s_kschl
            AND ekorg IN s_ekorg        AND erdat IN r_erdat
            AND ekgrp IN s_ekgrp        AND eruhr IN r_eruhr
            AND bedat IN s_bedat        AND vsztp IN r_vsztp
            AND bsart IN s_bsart        AND vstat IN r_vstat
            AND bstyp IN r_bstyp        AND aktiv EQ space
            AND loekz EQ space          AND snddr EQ space