4/17/2018 - 12:35 AM

Sublime Text - Keyboard shortcuts

Sublime Text - Keyboard shortcuts

Function	=>	Keyboard shortcut
*super = ctrl on PC or cmd on Mac

find						super+f
find in files					super+shift+f
replace						super+alt+f
find_next					super+g
find_prev					super+shift+g
find the next occurrence of the word under the caret (and won't show the find panel)		super+alt+g
find the previous occurrence of the word under the caret (and won't show the find panel)	super+alt+shift+g
slurp_find_string				super+e
Incremental find				super+i
Search and replace				ctrl+h
Move left by subword				ctrl+alt+shift+left
Move right by subword				ctrl+alt+shift+right
Redo or repeat						super+y
Soft Undo						super+u
Soft Redo						super+shift+u
scroll 1 line up					ctrl+alt+up
scroll 1 line down					ctrl+alt+down
next_view_in_stack (next tab)				ctrl+tab
prev_view_in_stack (previous tab)			ctrl+shift+tab
Paste & indent						super+shift+v
split_selection_into_lines				super+shift+l
expand selection					super+l
expand selection (of each occurance of that word)	super+d
expand selection (to scope)				super+shift+space
expand selection (to brackets)				ctrl+shift+m
Swap Line Up						ctrl+super+up
Swap Line Down						ctrl+super+down
select_lines up						ctrl+shift+up
select_lines down					ctrl+shift+down
duplicate line						super+shift+d
join lines						super+j
insert best completion					enter
Auto complete						ctrl+space

Go to anything						super+shift+p
Go to Files						super+t
Go to Symbol						super+r
Go to line						ctrl+g
Go to Word						super+p & then type :
Show console						ctrl+`
Build							super+b
Transpose						ctrl+t
Indent							super+]
Unindent						super+[
Uppercase						super+k
Full screen						super+ctrl+f
Distraction free					super+ctrl+shift+f

Single							super+alt+1
Two columns						super+alt+2
Three columns						super+alt+3
Four columns						super+alt+4
Two rows						super+alt+shift+2
Three rows						super+alt+shift+4
Grid 4							super+alt+5

Toggle bookmark						super+F2
Next bookmark						F2
Prev bookmark						shift+F2
Fold							super+shift+j
Unfold all						super+j
Rebuild tags						ctrl+alt+shift+t
Find definition of word under caret			ctrl+]
(return to previous position after find definition)	ctrl+[