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  1. usb: 通过串口工具可以直接通过USB数据线连接
  2. 网络: 连接到arduino的wifi热点, 进行配置, 默认的wifi没有加密, 所以手机连上后, 可以发现网关地址:, 所以, 得到设备管理ip, 可以同时连接有线网络, 有线与无线可以在不同网段.


  • Atmel ATmega32U4: 与Arduino Leonardo相同的处理器, 所以编程类似.
  • Atheros AR9331
  • SD, Ethernet, and USB-A connectors是物理连接在AR9331上面的.
  • The Yún's 32U4 functions in the same way as the Leonardo, except you cannot use Serial1. It is reserved for communication with the AR9331 processor.
  • The 32u4, WiFi, and AR9331 processors all have their own reset buttons.
  • 没有专门的串口通信芯片.serial port is virtual -- it's a software routine,both on your operating system, and on the board itself.
  • Just as your computer creates an instance of the serial port driver when you plug in any Arduino, the 32u4 creates a serial instance whenever it runs its bootloader. The board is an instance of USB's Connected Device Class (CDC) driver.
  • This means that every time you reset the 32U4 processor, the USB serial connection will be broken and re-established.

Arduino Yun中文使用手册


  • OpenWrt-Yun: 包含Python2.7


  • sd卡, 或者硬盘
  • 注意为了让32U4访问外部存储, 需要在根目录创建一个arduino的目录.

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