9/17/2017 - 9:44 PM


Debuging/tracing Neutron OVS



patch port is port directly connect to next bridge FIP rotuer - go outsite external Qrouter


ip netns show network namespace ip netns exec <qrouter> bash exec qrouter

  • ip a
  • ip r
  • ip neighbor show arp entries on the router

neutron router-list -f yaml Show neutron routers - yaml format output to yml structure neutron l3-agent-list-hosing-router <name of router> show all host who has own router

Floating IPs

ip rule show ip rule show table <value> - check intrafaces, theres should be link on floating ip namespace iptables -s -t -nat check nat rules

Network node SNAT

iptables --list -t nat - source nat rule


  • nova interface-list <VM> It return network port id assign to bridge
  • brctl show - bridge is indentical as port id
  • ovs-vsctl show - show integration ports/briges/vxlan port
  • ovs-vsctl list-ports <br> - show list of NIC
  • ovs-ofctl dump-flows <integration br/ovs br> table=0 | grep -v n_packets=0 just first table in processing pipeline, ignoring flows - In watch command can see wath values are incremeting
  • ovs-appctl fb/show <integration br> - check forward table of integration br
  • ovc-ofctl show <integraion br > we can ports maping