9/18/2017 - 6:14 AM

Unity Life Jacket

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Export prefab with dependencies

Here is an example of how to export multiple objects and their asset dependencies without automatically including all scripts.

Assume you have a Player prefab and an Enemy prefab, each with their respective components, meta-data, and scripts. You want to export them both into one package but not include every single script in your project (without having to manually uncheck a large number of scripts from the export dialog).

  1. Right-click the Player prefab and choose "Select Dependencies".
  2. Navigate to the Enemy prefab and do the same thing... but before you do this, hold CONTROL (Windows).
  3. The newly selected dependencies will be added to the previously selected ones (in the Inspector window).
  4. Now you can right click and "Export Package".
  5. Make sure to de-select "Include Dependencies" before exporting.
  6. This of course works for more than two objects, keep going as far as you need.

Particles Rotation

  1. Select the particle
  2. Renderer tab
  3. Render mode -> bilboard
  4. Render alignement -> local
  5. Use the gizmos to rotate