5/30/2017 - 8:47 PM

git commands

git commands

# Initialize the local directory as a Git repository.
git init

# Add the files in your new local repository. This stages them for the first commit.
# Adds the files in the local repository and stages them for commit. To unstage a file, use 'git reset HEAD YOUR-FILE'.
git add .

# Commit the files that you've staged in your local repository.
# Commits the tracked changes and prepares them to be pushed to a remote repository. To remove this commit and modify the file, use 'git reset --soft HEAD~1' and commit and add the file again
git commit -m "First commit"

# Add the URL for the remote repository where your local repository will be pushed.
git remote add origin remote repository URL

# Verifies the new remote URL
git remote -v

#Check the current branch name
git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD

# Push the changes in your local repository to GitHub.
git push origin master