7/15/2016 - 2:50 PM

Client Intake/Project Process

Erin E Flynn

Now, I have a nice client-intake/project process that goes something like this:

    1. Client fills out my request/contact form
    2. I send the client an Intro Packet to let them know how I work and what to expect
    3. If the client agrees to my process, I send them a link to my call scheduler
    4. We have a Skype meeting where I get more info about the project, and turn it into an official quote
    5. Client accepts the quote, makes a down-payment on the project and signs the contract
    6. I send over a Welcome Packet that outlines my office hours, the project details, number of revisions, cancellation policy, etc.
    7. Client sends me whatever I need for the project, and I get started
    8. I add everything to a project management system so we’re on the same page at all times
    9. Client requests revisions to the project
    10. Revisions are made, and project is launched
    11. I send a Goodbye Packet with project info, instructions, and a thank you to the client