3/14/2011 - 3:22 PM

Get localhost working in VMWare

Get localhost working in VMWare

Connect to your Mac's localhost from within a VMWare virtual machine.

- Boot up VMware and fire up your VM (i'm using Windows 7)
- Make sure that the VM is using NAT
- Fire up the command prompt in Windows and type "ipconfig". IN the resulting text look for your IPv4 address. It will be something like 192.168.xxx.xxx
- Now go to your browser in your VM and type that ip address into the url bar but change the last set of digits to be 2 (or 1).
- so as an example if your ip was found to be change it to be
- Assuming that your localhost is running on your mac you should get your localhost in your VM browser.
- If you need to add a non standard port number on the end like 8090 go ahead and do so.

Adding to a hosts file

- Make a new entry in the hosts file that maps to this address. You can't add custom port numbers in a Windows hosts file.