12/24/2013 - 7:03 AM


<twb> I'm kinda fed up with that.
<twb> I mean, UTF-8 isn't that difficult.  Can we not just have "smart" quotes
      + directly in the .tex  [14:13]
<twb> ``foo'' looks oldschool even to me
<bpalmer> How about we just use ' and " directly and simply.
* bpalmer hates how copying and pasting from every website in the world,
      + apparently, no longer works in any of /me 's OS X terminals  [14:14]
<twb> Time for a real browser - emacs-w3m
<stardiviner> I get this error: Invalid face reference: quote [86 times]  . After
      + a long time bisect debug my init files, I found the problem is in
      + (setq-default mode-line-format ...) . I paste my config at here:
      + . And I found when I use
      + =set= instead of =setq-default=, then there is no this invalid face
      + reference: quote message. But I want to apply this vailable global, so I
      + have to use  [14:24]
<stardiviner> =seqt-default=. Does anyone can help me ?
<twb> stardiviner: you are talking about line 1?  [14:26]
<hoactzin> how can i ssh-add myself in a running emacs daemon?  [14:28]
<mtp> what  [14:29]
<hoactzin> i want to authenticate with an agent
<mtp> put down the chocolate-covered banana and step away from the european
      + currency system?
<stardiviner> twb: I'm talking about error message invalid face reference: quote,
      + but yes, because I found the problem is in (setq-default), and might not.
<twb> ,bisect  [14:30]
<fsbot> I think bisect is If "emacs --debug-init" doesn't help, comment out half
      + of ~/.emacs and try to reproduce the issue. Recurse as necessary. See
      + also ,,-q and ,,ielm.
<stardiviner> twb: I did the bisect.
<twb> Also, if you run "LC_ALL=C emacs --debug-init" and paste the full
      + backtrace, I can try to analyse it.
<twb> stardiviner: but your first line, the setq-default, is very long.  Try
      + bisecting over clauses in that?  [14:31]
<stardiviner> twb: And no Backtrace error at all, just an failed message in
      + buffer *Messages*.
<twb> OK.
<twb> ,tdoe
<fsbot> From memory, tdoe is M-x toggle debug on error RET, reproduce the
      + problem, then <pastebin> the backtrace (or study it yourself)
<stardiviner> twb: I already bisect that long config, nothing wrong, and as I
      + said, when I change (setq-default) swith (setq), then the error message
      + is gnome.  [14:32]
<stardiviner> s/gnome/gone/
<twb> But it doesn't work, I guess?
<stardiviner> twb: I also already tried that too....
<stardiviner> twb: Yes. really weird ...
<twb> stardiviner: I don't know of anything else to help
<stardiviner> twb: Can this be a bug of Emacs ?   [14:33]
<twb> I don't know.
<twb> I did not understand the error you reported.  [14:34]
<stardiviner> twb: me too.... anyway, I should send an email to Emacs mailing
      + list.
<mtp> you should come up with a salient repro
<twb> +1  [14:36]
<stardiviner> mtp: Are you talking to me ?
<mtp> are you having an incoherent problem?  [14:37]
<mtp> do you see any other conversation in here?
<twb> mtp means "yes"
<stardiviner> mtp: Sorry, because I checked previous lines, and found you have
      + some conversation, and you have not type my nick, so I asked.  [14:38]
<mtp> ox  [14:39]
<bpalmer> in the language of my people, mtp means "yes"  [14:40]
<stardiviner> twb: Can you do me a favor? test my paste config in gist, and
      + restart Emacs to see whether you can see the failed message "Invalid face
      + reference: quoet" in your *Messages* buffer.
<twb> stardiviner: ask the mailing list.  Then it is not my problem :-)
<mtp> no fair solving the cryptogram for him :(
<stardiviner> Did I just do something wrong? If yes, just tell me, don't use
      + metaphor.  [14:41]
<twb> I loaded the first command, the setq-default, into tmp.el.  Then I did
      + "emacs24 -Q -l tmp.el".  I got no error.  [14:42]
<mtp> it sounds like: you configured something wrong
<mtp> it also sounds like: you don't want to troubleshoot
<bpalmer> stardiviner: without testing anything, try removing the quotes in forms
      + like face '(:background "dim gray")  ; particularly if they're not in an
      + eval block
<bpalmer> but yes, as mtp suggests: start removing clauses  [14:43]
<bpalmer> it is almost certainly *not* an issue about setq vs setq-default
      + behavior.
<stardiviner> twb: I see, Because I fork this config from other's repo, so I need
      + to back to check more. and Thanks so much.
<stardiviner> bpalmer: ok  [14:44]
<mtp> don't use someone else's config unless you know exactly what it does
<stardiviner> mtp: alright, you looks like I do'nt want to troubleshoot, might
      + it's my fault. But I just want to say, I did everything I know, google,
      + and bisect, and debug-on-error. That's all I know, I can not do better
      + with what I don't know.
<mtp> i think your first problem is trying to find answers on google  [14:46]
<mtp> putting random words into search engines is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR
<stardiviner> mtp: well, tell me the real solution to find answer.  [14:47]
<mtp> <mtp> don't use someone else's config unless you know exactly what it does
<stardiviner> mtp: ok, my fault.  [14:48]
<stardiviner> mtp: I think you're a master at first, at least looks like, but
      + now, I don't think so.  [14:49]
<mtp> i'm not a master  [14:50]
<mtp> i'm just tired of hearing "i took someone else's config, got an error,
      + googled random words, and decided it's a bug in the platform"
<stardiviner> Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't think it's a true problem in my
      + problem.  [14:52]
      <rryoumaa> yo dawg  [14:53]
<rryoumaa> huh, new news.  the point goes to bol problem in shell /also/ happens
      + in terminal.  [14:55]
<rryoumaa> and lsblk might trigger it there too
<twb> stardiviner: mtp's right, I just didn't want to be that grumpy to a newbie.
<mtp> when people are calling me grumpy on irc, that usually means i'm tired of
      + being on irc  [14:57]
<mtp> good night
<twb> gn8