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XAMPP - Replacing MariaDB with MySQL

XAMPP - Replacing MariaDB with MySQL

XAMPP - Replacing MariaDB with MySQL

As of XAMPP 5.5.30 and 5.6.14, XAMPP ships MariaDB instead of MySQL. MariaDB is not 100% compatible with MySQL and can be replaced with the "orginal" MySQL server.


  • Windows
  • XAMPP for Windows


  • Backup the old database into a sql dump file
  • Stop the MariaDB service
  • Rename the folder: c:\xampp\mysql to c:\xampp\mariadb


# Set basedir to your installation path

# Set datadir to the location of your data directory

# Default: 128 MB
# New: 1024 MB
innodb_buffer_pool_size = 1024M

Initializing the data directory

  • Copy the old data directory from c:\xampp\mariadb\data to c:\xampp\mysql\data

  • Start the MySQL server. You can use the XAMPP Control Panel (MySQL > Start) to start the MySQL service.

  • Repair all corrupted tables in the c:\xampp\mysql\data directory. Press ENTER if your password is empty.

cd c:\xampp\mysql\bin
mysqlcheck.exe -u root -p --auto-repair --all-databases

Update structure to latest version:

mysql_upgrade.exe -u root -p

Check the tables for errors:

mysqlcheck.exe -u root -p --check --all-databases


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Known issues

  • I can't stop mysql using the button stop
  • The XAMPP control panel is crashing while shutting down

Fix the directory permissions with this batch script