12/9/2013 - 8:00 PM

Navigate to your Sites folder Create a file named custom.conf or whatever you want to name it (name doesn’t matter). It can also be located anywhere you desire Open your newly-created custom.conf file and add this for each website that you want a clean URL for:

<VirtualHost *> DocumentRoot "/Users/[your-user-folder]/Sites/[your-website-folder]" ServerName custom-url-here.local Once you’re done adding your list of sites, save the file and close it

Go to /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/ Open httpd.conf with your favorite editor At the bottom of this file, add Include /Users/[your-user-folder]/Sites/custom.conf Save the file Download and install Gasmask — Gasmask will give you an easy-to-use GUI for editing your local OS X hosts file Open Gasmask. In Gasmask, edit the hosts file and add each of your sites on its own line in this format: yourwebsite.local (make sure each address matches the one you added in your conf file from step 2) CMD+S to save the hosts file Restart MAMP ????? PROFIT!!!! No more http://localhost:8888/website crap. Now you can use http://website.local.