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asciidoc test

asciidoc test

:icons: font
:lang: en
:source-highlighter: highlightjs
:toc: left
:toclevels: 2

= Try AsciiDoc

There is _no reason_ to prefer[Markdown]:
it has *all the features*
footnote:[See[the user guide].]
and more!

NOTE: Great projects use it, including Git, WeeChat and Pacman!

== Comparison

.Snippets of markup footnote:[More snippets in[the cheatsheet]]
.3+^.^s| Link |AsciiDoc |`[Dummy]`
              |Markdown |`[Dummy](`
              |Textile |`"Dummy":`

.3+^.^s| Face |AsciiDoc |`Either *bold* or _italic_`
              |Markdown |`Either **bold** or *italic*`
 |Textile  |`Either *bold* or _italic_`

.3+^.^s| Header |AsciiDoc |`== Level 2 ==`
                |Markdown |`## Level 2`
                |Textile  |`h2.  Level 2`
|===  a

== Ruby code to render AsciiDoc

require 'asciidoctor'  # <1>

puts Asciidoctor.render_file('sample.adoc', :header_footer => true)  # <2>
<1> Imports the library
<2> Reads, parses and renders the file

And here is some silly math:
e^πi^ + 1 = 0 and H~2~O.