11/9/2016 - 2:10 PM


' For complete examples and data files, please go to
' get Configurations
Dim config As ViewerConfig = Utilities.GetConfigurations()

' create html handler
Dim htmlHandler As New ViewerHtmlHandler(config)

' guid implies that unique document name 
Dim guid As String = DocumentName

' instantiate the HtmlOptions object
Dim options As New HtmlOptions()

' set starting page number 
options.PageNumber = 2
options.CountPagesToRender = 2

' to get html representations of pages with embedded resources
options.IsResourcesEmbedded = True

' get document pages in html form
Dim pages As List(Of PageHtml) = htmlHandler.GetPages(guid, options)

For Each page As PageHtml In pages
	' save each page at disk
	Utilities.SaveAsHtml(page.PageNumber + "_" + DocumentName, page.HtmlContent)