3/2/2009 - 3:43 PM


You can represent time statements in most western languages where
a prefix and/or suffix is used.

The default case is to use suffix only (as in English), which you
do by providing the `suffixAgo` and `suffixFromNow` settings in
the strings hash (earlier versions of timeago used the deprecated
`ago` and `fromNow` options). If present, they are used.

    2 minutes [suffixAgo]
    2 minutes [suffixFromNow]

In case you want to use prefix only instead of
suffix (e.g. Greek), you provide the `prefixAgo` and
`prefixFromNow` options in the strings hash and leave `suffixAgo`
and `suffixFromNow` empty or null.

    [prefixAgo] 2 minutes
    [prefixFromNow] 2 minutes

For languages where you want to use a prefix only for future
tense and prefix/suffix for past tense (for example swedish), you
can combine the prefix and suffixes as needed.

    [prefixAgo] 2 minutes [suffixAgo]
    [prefixFromNow] 2 minutes
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
   suffixAgo: "geleden",
   suffixFromNow: "vanaf nu",
   seconds: "iets minder dan een minute",
   minute: "ongeveer een minuut",
   minutes: "%d minuten",
   hour: "ongeveer een uur",
   hours: "ongeveer %d uren",
   day: "een dag",
   days: "%d dagen",
   month: "ongeveer een maand",
   months: "%d maanden",
   year: "ongeveer een jaar",
   years: "%d jaar"
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
  prefixAgo: "πριν",
  prefixFromNow: "σε",
  suffixAgo: "",
  suffixFromNow: "",
  seconds: "λιγότερο από ένα λεπτό",
  minute: "περίπου ένα λεπτό",
  minutes: "%d λεπτά",
  hour: "περίπου μία ώρα",
  hours: "περίπου %d ώρες",
  day: "μία μέρα",
  days: "%d μέρες",
  month: "περίπου ένα μήνα",
  months: "%d μήνες",
  year: "περίπου ένα χρόνο",
  years: "%d χρόνια"
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
  prefixAgo: null,
  prefixFromNow: null,
  suffixAgo: null,
  suffixFromNow: null,
  seconds: "kevesebb mint egy perce",
  minute: "körülbelül egy perce",
  minutes: "%d perce",
  hour: "körülbelül egy órája",
  hours: "körülbelül %d órája",
  day: "körülbelül egy napja",
  days: "%d napja",
  month: "körülbelül egy hónapja",
  months: "%d hónapja",
  year: "körülbelül egy éve",
  years: "%d éve"
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
        prefixAgo: "",
        prefixFromNow: "今から",
        suffixAgo: "前",
        suffixFromNow: "後",
        ago: null, // DEPRECATED, use suffixAgo
        fromNow: null, // DEPRECATED, use suffixFromNow
        seconds: "ほんの数秒",
        minute: "約一分",
        minutes: "%d 分",
        hour: "大体一時間",
        hours: "大体 %d 時間位",
        day: "一日",
        days: "%d 日ほど",
        month: "大体一ヶ月",
        months: "%d ヶ月ほど",
        year: "丁度一年(虎舞流w)",
        years: "%d 年"
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
   suffixAgo: "atrás",
   suffixFromNow: "a partir de agora",
   seconds: "menos de um minuto",
   minute: "cerca de um minuto",
   minutes: "%d minutos",
   hour: "cerca de uma hora",
   hours: "cerca de %d horas",
   day: "um dia",
   days: "%d dias",
   month: "cerca de um mês",
   months: "%d meses",
   year: "cerca de um ano",
   years: "%d anos"
(function() {
  function numpf(n, f, s, t) {
    // f - 1, 21, 31, ...
    // s - 2-4, 22-24, 32-34 ...
    // t - 5-20, 25-30, ...
    var n10 = n % 10;
    if ( (n10 == 1) && ( (n == 1) || (n > 20) ) ) {
      return f;
    } else if ( (n10 > 1) && (n10 < 5) && ( (n > 20) || (n < 10) ) ) {
      return s;
    } else {
      return t;
  jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
    prefixAgo: null,
    prefixFromNow: "через",
    suffixAgo: "назад",
    suffixFromNow: null,
    seconds: "меньше минуты",
    minute: "минуту",
    minutes: function(value) { return numpf(value, "%d минута", "%d минуты", "%d минут"); },
    hour: "час",
    hours: function(value) { return numpf(value, "%d час", "%d часа", "%d часов"); },
    day: "день",
    days: function(value) { return numpf(value, "%d день", "%d дня", "%d дней"); },
    month: "месяц",
    months: function(value) { return numpf(value, "%d месяц", "%d месяца", "%d месяцев"); },
    year: "год",
    years: function(value) { return numpf(value, "%d год", "%d года", "%d лет"); }
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
   suffixAgo: "apenas un momento atrás",
   suffixFromNow: "a partir de ahora",
   seconds: "menos de um minuto",
   minute: "cerca de um minuto atrás",
   minutes: "hace unos %d minutos atrás",
   hour: "cerca de una hora",
   hours: "cerca de %d horas",
   day: "un día",
   days: "%d días",
   month: "hace un mes atrás",
   months: "hace %d meses",
   year: "hace un año atrás",
   years: "hace %d años atrás"
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
  prefixAgo: "för",
  prefixFromNow: "om",
  suffixAgo: "sedan",
  suffixFromNow: "",
  seconds: "mindre än en minut",
  minute: "ungefär en minut",
  minutes: "%d minuter",
  hour: "ungefär en timme",
  hours: "ungefär %d timmar",
  day: "en dag",
  days: "%d dagar",
  month: "ungefär en månad",
  months: "%d månader",
  year: "ungefär ett år",
  years: "%d år"