6/19/2017 - 6:17 PM



Create folders

Copy Drivers to C:\Mount\Drivers

CMD as admin
DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\Mount\boot.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM
DISM /image:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Mount\Drivers /recurse
DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Commit

This will complete the driver injection to the boot wim

mkdir %programdata%\ddrive
reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\DOS Devices" /v d: /d \??\%programdata%\ddrive
*****MACBOOK reimage*****
As many essential details as I could give

1.Login as first user and let mac build a user(administrator metallone)

2.Partition hard drive to 50 gb for mac > covert remaining gb to fat32 for the windows os

3.Download the bootcamp drivers

3.boot to imagex drive(if not able to use win 8 usb and go to cmd line) DISKPART> list vol> list disk 
	+Mac book reimage:
	+sel vol # (fat one)
	+format fs=ntfs label="Windows" quick
	+assign letter=c
	+list vol
	+list disk
	+go into drive with image (this will be the drive of the external hard drive) ex(d:)
	from here you can ls or dir to make sure imagex.exe file is in the drive that you are in

	imagex.exe /apply BoxxNew2.wim 1 c:

******************WILL TAKE A FEW HOURS*****************
x:\windows\system32\bcdboot c:\windows /s c:


5.hold alt to get internal windows partition > select windows drive (boot to refit if windows drive does not come up, select windows drive from there) > properly eject external hard drive

6.Install bootcamp from usb( if bootcamp does not install, uninstall shoretel video driver from device manager(devmgmt.msc)
	+go to bootcamp and go to boot camp controll pannel then switch startup to windows
	+drivers for the hardware will be on bootcamp

7.Reboot if key board does not work plug in keyboard and reinstall bootcamp

8.Delete local user by right clicking computer > manage > local users&groups > Users > delete the user created

9. remove extra boot (run command, mscofig > boottab > remove extra windows 7 boot.
10.select boot camp from right side bar( grey diomond) right click, boot camp control panel > highlight windows drive

10. Adding computer to Domain
	+right click computer > Advanced System settings >  Computer name > Change... > computer name/ Domain name changes > insert computer name > assign domain to

11. login

12. ddrive.cmd   (if the laptop only has one physical hard drive this script will simulates a copy of the c drive) (After ran reboot for changes to take effect)

13. Newforma launch/update,Adobe acrobat update,Java update, Windows updates, Cisco, Drive mapper

14. Launch acad 2010, run reset if not working

15. Launch acad 2013, run resets if gp tools not there

16. Windows update

17. services.msc wired autoconfig start automatic 

18. Update Printer Drivers 

19. Desktop Items- Drive mapper, Dp, Cisco

20. GP Batch PDF install \\sccm\sccm$\Autodesk\Utilities\Joelutilites\Gp-Batch-PDF\install.cmd
	+make sure https://vpn.foga.com works by signing in with my user, you must be outside the network of gp

21. Hide mac drive with disk utility so no one messes with it, simply remove the letter from that drive

22. Add the laptop to the group GP_IDM_User_Computer

23. Place laptop in the laptops usergroup in Active Directory


*postJB script (This script will rename all the removable drives to drive letters that will not be the network drives. Will also hide the E drive which might be the windows operating system)
*set virtual memory right c computer>properties>Advanced system settings>Advanced>performance>settings>advanced>
virtual memory>change>
-C:Drive should have a paging file of none and the D: should be system managed
-D is where digital projects are stored
*cmd script for d drive


Macbook user setup process
a. Set up windows user profile by logging into the computer with GP credentials 

b. Create profile for outlook by logging into outlook

c. Setup default printer and perform a print test

d. Map network drives

e. Launch ACAD 2010 and 2013 and verify that gptools are loaded.

f. Launch Revit 2014 and 2015

g. Launch Rhino 5.0 and verify Rhino is working

h. Copy old computer contents from the H: drive and place contents in 
appropriate location on the new computer 

i. Test vpn connection by going onto different network