2/10/2013 - 4:25 AM


XChat/Hexchat Monokai Theme


  1. Navigate to the XChat/Hexchat folder:
    • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\X-Chat 2\
    • Linux: ~/.xchat2/
    • Windows - Hexchat: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Hexchat\
    • Linux - Hexchat: ~/.config/hexchat/
  2. Backup and overwrite colors.conf and pevents.conf
  3. Restart XChat

Notes & Tips

To theme the userlist type "/set gui_ulist_style on" and restart

If pevents.conf gives you issues use THIS old version.

The theme is often changed so if you find issues they may already be fixed and the image below may not be representative of final product.

Please comment with any issues, concerns, or suggestions.


event_name=Add Notify
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C26$1%O added to notify list.

event_name=Ban List
event_text=%C22*%O$t$1 Banlist:%C21 $2%O for%C20 $4%O by%C26 $3%O

event_text=%C22*%O$tCannot join%C20 $1 %O(You are banned).


event_name=Change Nick
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%C is now known as%C28 $2

event_name=Channel Action
event_text=%C18*$t$1%O $2

event_name=Channel Action Hilight
event_text=%C25*$t%B$1 $2%O

event_name=Channel Ban
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C26$1%O sets ban on %C21$2%O

event_name=Channel Creation
event_text=%C22*%O$tChannel%C20 $1%O created

event_name=Channel DeHalfOp
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes channel half-operator status from%C18 $2

event_name=Channel DeOp
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes channel operator status from%C18 $2

event_name=Channel DeVoice
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes voice from%C18 $2

event_name=Channel Exempt
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26 $1%C sets exempt on %C21$2

event_name=Channel Half-Operator
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O gives channel half-operator status to%C18 $2

event_name=Channel INVITE
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26 $1%C sets invite on %C21$2

event_name=Channel List
event_text=%UChannel          Users   Topic

event_name=Channel Message

event_name=Channel Mode Generic
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O sets mode%C29 $2$3%C on%C18 $4

event_name=Channel Modes
event_text=%C22*%O$tChannel%C20 $1%O modes:%C29 $2

event_name=Channel Msg Hilight

event_name=Channel Notice

event_name=Channel Operator
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O gives channel operator status to%C18 $2

event_name=Channel Remove Exempt
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes exempt on %C21$2

event_name=Channel Remove Invite
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26 $1%O removes invite on %C18$2

event_name=Channel Remove Keyword
event_text=%C22*%O$t$1 removes channel keyword

event_name=Channel Remove Limit
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes user limit

event_name=Channel Set Key
event_text=%C22*%O$t$1 sets channel keyword to $2

event_name=Channel Set Limit
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O sets channel limit to $2

event_name=Channel UnBan
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O removes ban on%C21 $2

event_name=Channel Voice
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%O gives voice to%C18 $2

event_text=%C22*%O$t%C20Connected. Now logging in...

event_text=%C22*%O$t%C20Connecting to $1 ($2) port $3...%O

event_name=Connection Failed
event_text=%C21*%O$t%C25Connection failed. Error:%C21 $1

event_name=CTCP Generic
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a CTCP $1 from $2

event_name=CTCP Generic to Channel
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a CTCP $1 from $2 (to $3)

event_name=CTCP Send
event_text=%C25>%O$1%C25<%O$tCTCP $2

event_name=CTCP Sound
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a CTCP Sound $1 from $2

event_name=CTCP Sound to Channel
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a CTCP Sound $1 from $2 (to $3)

event_name=DCC CHAT Abort
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC CHAT to %C26$1%O aborted.

event_name=DCC CHAT Connect
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC CHAT connection established to %C26$1 %C30[%O$2%C30]

event_name=DCC CHAT Failed
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC CHAT to %C26$1%O lost ($4).

event_name=DCC CHAT Offer
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a DCC CHAT offer from $1

event_name=DCC CHAT Offering
event_text=%C22*%O$tOffering DCC CHAT to $1

event_name=DCC CHAT Reoffer
event_text=%C22*%O$tAlready offering CHAT to $1

event_name=DCC Conection Failed
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC $1 connect attempt to%C26 $2%O failed (err=$3).

event_name=DCC Generic Offer
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived '$1%O' from $2

event_name=DCC Header
event_text=%C17,18 Type  To/From    Status  Size    Pos     File         

event_name=DCC Malformed
event_text=%C22*%O$tReceived a malformed DCC request from %C26$1%O.%010%C22*%O$tContents of packet: $2

event_name=DCC Offer
event_text=%C22*%O$tOffering%C26 $1%O to%C26 $2

event_name=DCC Offer Not Valid
event_text=%C22*%O$tNo such DCC offer.

event_name=DCC RECV Abort
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC RECV%C26 $2%O to%C26 $1%O aborted.

event_name=DCC RECV Complete
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC RECV%C26 $1%O from%C26 $3%O complete %C30[%C26$4%O cps%C30]%O.

event_name=DCC RECV Connect
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC RECV connection established to%C26 $1 %C30[%O$2%C30]

event_name=DCC RECV Failed
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC RECV%C26 $1%O from%C26 $3%O failed ($4).

event_name=DCC RECV File Open Error
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC RECV: Cannot open $1 for writing ($2).

event_name=DCC Rename
event_text=%C22*%O$tThe file%C26 $1%C already exists, saving it as%C26 $2%O instead.

event_name=DCC RESUME Request
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C26$1 %Ohas requested to resume%C26 $2 %Cfrom%C26 $3%C.

event_name=DCC SEND Abort
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC SEND%C26 $2%O to%C26 $1%O aborted.

event_name=DCC SEND Complete
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC SEND%C26 $1%O to%C26 $2%O complete %C30[%C26$3%O cps%C30]%O.

event_name=DCC SEND Connect
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC SEND connection established to%C26 $1 %C30[%O$2%C30]

event_name=DCC SEND Failed
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC SEND%C26 $1%O to%C26 $2%O failed. $3

event_name=DCC SEND Offer
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C26$1 %Ohas offered%C26 $2 %O(%C26$3 %Obytes)

event_name=DCC Stall
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC $1%C26 $2 %Oto%C26 $3 %Cstalled - aborting.

event_name=DCC Timeout
event_text=%C22*%O$tDCC $1%C26 $2 %Oto%C26 $3 %Otimed out - aborting.

event_name=Delete Notify
event_text=%C22*%O$t$1 deleted from notify list.

event_text=%C22*%O$tDisconnected (%C21$1%O).

event_name=Found IP
event_text=%C22*%O$tFound your IP: [$1]

event_name=Generic Message

event_name=Ignore Add
event_text=%C21$1%O added to ignore list.

event_name=Ignore Changed
event_text=%OIgnore on %C21$1%O changed.

event_name=Ignore Footer

event_name=Ignore Header
event_text=%C17,18 Hostmask                  PRIV NOTI CHAN CTCP DCC  INVI UNIG 

event_name=Ignore Remove
event_text=%O%C21$1%O removed from ignore list.

event_name=Ignorelist Empty
event_text=%OIgnore list is empty.

event_text=%C22*%O$tCannot join%C20 $1 %O(Channel is invite only).

event_text=%C22*%O$tYou have been invited to%C20 $1%O by%C18 $2%O (%C20%B$3%C)

event_text=%C24*$t%B$1%B ($3) has joined %C20$2

event_text=%C22*%O$tCannot join%C20 $1 %O(Requires keyword).

event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%C has kicked%C18 $2%O from %C20$3%O (%C21$4%O)

event_text=%C22*%O$t%C25You have been killed by %C18$1%O (%C21$2%O)

event_name=Message Send


event_name=MOTD Skipped
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C24MOTD Skipped.

event_name=Nick Clash
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C26$1%O already in use. Retrying with %C18$2%O...

event_name=Nick Failed
event_text=%C22*%O$tNickname already in use. Use /NICK to try another.

event_name=No DCC
event_text=%C22*%O$tNo such DCC.

event_name=No Running Process
event_text=%C22*%O$tNo process is currently running


event_name=Notice Send

event_name=Notify Empty
event_text=$tNotify list is empty.

event_name=Notify Header
event_text=%C17,18 %B  Notify List                           

event_name=Notify Number
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C29$1%O users in notify list.

event_name=Notify Offline
event_text=%C22*%O$tNotify: %C18$1%O is offline ($3).

event_name=Notify Online
event_text=%C22*%O$tNotify: %C18$1%O is online ($3).

event_name=Open Dialog

event_text=%C23*$t$1 ($2) has left $3

event_name=Part with Reason
event_text=%C23*$t$1 ($2) has left $3 ($4)

event_name=Ping Reply
event_text=%C22*%O$tPing reply from%C18 $1%O:%C29 $2%O second(s)

event_name=Ping Timeout
event_text=%C22*%O$tNo ping reply for %C29$1%O seconds, disconnecting.

event_name=Private Action
event_text=%C18**$t$3$1%O $2 %C18**

event_name=Private Action to Dialog
event_text=%C18*$t$3$1%O $2

event_name=Private Message

event_name=Private Message to Dialog

event_name=Process Already Running
event_text=%C22*%O$tA process is already running

event_text=%C23*$t$1 has quit ($2)

event_name=Raw Modes
event_text=%C22*%O$t$1 sets modes%B %C30[%O$2%B%C30]

event_name=Receive Wallops

event_name=Resolving User
event_text=%C22*%O$tLooking up IP number for%C26 $1%O...

event_name=Server Connected

event_name=Server Error

event_name=Server Lookup
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C29Looking up %C20%B$1

event_name=Server Notice

event_name=Server Text

event_name=SSL Message

event_name=Stop Connection
event_text=%C22*%O$tStopped previous connection attempt (pid=$1)

event_text=%C29*%O$tTopic for%C20 $1%C is: $2

event_name=Topic Change
event_text=%C26*%O$t%C26$1%C has changed the topic to: $2

event_name=Topic Creation
event_text=%C26*%O$tTopic for%C20 $1%C set by %C26$2%O ($3)

event_name=Unknown Host
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C21Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?

event_name=User Limit
event_text=%C22*%O$tCannot join%C20 $1 %O(User limit reached).

event_name=Users On Channel
event_text=%C22*%O$tUsers on %C20$1%O:%C18 $2

event_name=WhoIs Authenticated
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28] %O$2%C27 $3

event_name=WhoIs Away Line
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28] %Cis away %C30(%O$2%O%C30)

event_name=WhoIs Channel/Oper Line
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O $2

event_name=WhoIs End
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28] %OEnd of WHOIS list.

event_name=WhoIs Identified
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O $2

event_name=WhoIs Idle Line
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O idle%C26 $2

event_name=WhoIs Idle Line with Signon
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O idle%C26 $2%O, signon:%C26 $3

event_name=WhoIs Name Line
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28] %C30(%O$2@$3%C30)%O: $4

event_name=WhoIs Real Host
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28] %Oreal user@host%C27 $2%O, real IP%C27 $3

event_name=WhoIs Server Line
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O $2

event_name=WhoIs Special
event_text=%C22*%O$t%C28[%O$1%C28]%O $2

event_name=You Join
event_text=%C25*%O$tNow talking on %C20$2

event_name=You Kicked
event_text=%C25*$tYou have been kicked%O from %C20$2%O by %C18$3%O ($4)

event_name=You Part
event_text=%C23*$tYou have left channel %C20$3

event_name=You Part with Reason
event_text=%C23*$tYou have left channel %C20$3%C (%O%B%B$4%O)

event_name=Your Action
event_text=%C21*$t$1%C30 $2

event_name=Your Invitation
event_text=%C22*%O$tYou've invited%C18 $1%O to%C20 $2%O (%C20%B$3%O)

event_name=Your Message

event_name=Your Nick Changing
event_text=%C22*%O$tYou are now known as %C18$2

color_0 = ffff ffff ffff
color_1 = 4949 4848 3e3e
color_2 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_3 = 6b6b c7c7 2b2b
color_4 = fdfd 9797 1f1f
color_5 = f9f9 2626 7272
color_6 = 94bc 5925 ffff
color_7 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_8 = e6e6 dbdb 7474
color_9 = a6a6 e2e2 2e2e
color_10 = 3542 b072 9155
color_11 = 6666 efef d566
color_12 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_13 = aeae 8181 ffff
color_14 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_15 = cfcf cfcf c2c2
color_16 = ffff ffff ffff
color_17 = 4949 4848 3e3e
color_18 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_19 = 6b6b c7c7 2b2b
color_20 = fdfd 9797 1f1f
color_21 = f9f9 2626 7272
color_22 = 94bc 5925 ffff
color_23 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_24 = e6e6 dbdb 7474
color_25 = a6a6 e2e2 2e2e
color_26 = 3542 b072 9155
color_27 = 6666 efef d566
color_28 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_29 = aeae 8181 ffff
color_30 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_31 = cfcf cfcf c2c2
color_256 = f8f8 f8f8 f2f2
color_257 = 4949 4848 3e3e
color_258 = cfcf cfcf c2c2
color_259 = 2727 2828 2222
color_260 = e6e6 dbdb 7474
color_261 = fdfd 9797 1f1f
color_262 = a6a6 e2e2 2e2e
color_263 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_264 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_265 = f9f9 2626 7272