5/27/2015 - 12:44 AM

SimpleScripts for Wordpress Install

Eliminate Simplescript update messages

/* --- SIMPLESCRIPTS --- */
Simplescripts: "Security updates" notification doesn't go away <> 

Every time I login to cpanel I get the annoying Simplescripts messages saying that I need to update my Wordpress installs.

I'm not using simplescripts to update my WP installs.

WP version: 3.2.1
Simplescripts: "update from 3.1+Jetpack to ..." 

-- So I'm NOT running WP 3.1 and Jetpack: Why does it think I am running this older release?

-- When selecting "Skip upgrade" it will tell me again the next time I login to cpanel... Why? ;-)

-- In the Simplescripts account preferences I have unchecked "Enable upgrade notifications" but still get them... Why? ;-)



Go back to your SimpleScripts panel and select the Advanced tab for your installation of Wordpress.  Then select Update Version and tell it that you are running 3.2.1 and the alerts should go away.

Just as an FYI, beyond what farcaster mentioned, you can also de-link your SimpleScript installations so that you do not keep receiving these update notices.

From the options association with your installation, select "Uninstall" and then, on the following page, choose Option 2: Remove from the List.  This option does not touch your files or database; it only removes this installation from SimpleScript's records.