1/20/2018 - 8:17 AM

User Story & Acceptance Criteria demo

User Story & Acceptance Criteria demo

Epic -> User Story -> Acceptance Criteria

User Story Demo:

    a XX (角色)
I want
    XX (行为)
so that
    XX (价值)

Acceptance Criteria:

它是对上面的 US 的分点描述, 用一句话来描述动作

Some Source Demo

Example User Story:
    a PayPal account holder
I can 
    withdraw my pending credit from PayPal
so that 
    I can have money in my Oschadbank account

Acceptance Criteria for This Example:
I can see on Paypal account that there is pending credit.
I can choose what amount of credit to withdraw.
I can see my Oschadbank account balance when I have chosen to withdraw credit.
I can’t tap into the Oschadbank account when there are no pending credits in my Paypal account.

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