10/31/2014 - 10:30 PM

miva compiler help docs

miva compiler help docs

> mvc --help

Usage: mvc [options] file...
  --help           Display this information
  --version        Display version number and exit
  -B <directory>   Location of builtin shared images
                   (overrides MVC_LIB environment variable)
  -w <warning>     Suppress warning <warning>
  -W <warning>     Enable otherwise supressed warning <warning>
  -X <warning>     Abort compilation on warning <warning>
  -o <filename>    Place the output of compilation in <filename>
  -c               Compile only
  -C <version>     Generate code compatible with <version>
  -p <level>       Warn on various pedantic syntax issues
  -P <level>       Error on various pedantic syntax issues
  -d               Generate pseudo-C code suitable for use with Doxygen
                   (implies -c)
  -D <token>       Define a symbol to be detected by MvIFDEF and MvIFNDEF
  -O <bytes>       Obfuscate constants by splitting them into <bytes> bytes
  -f               Enable whitespace compression by default for functions
  -F               Disable text and html output by default for functions

<warning> may be one of:
  - One or more warning ids, separated by commas
  - The keyword "all", which indicates all warnings

<level> may be one or a comma separated list of the following:
    scope     Warn or error on unscoped variables.
    lock      Warn or error on MvFUNCTIONRETURN inside MvLOCKFILE.
    capture   Warn or error on MvFUNCTIONRETURN inside MvCAPTURE.
    all     All of the above options.