10/5/2019 - 7:54 PM

REVIEW - Http RequestS

Review Requests II
Let’s recap on the concepts covered in the previous exercises:

GET and POST requests can be created a variety of ways.

Use AJAX to asynchronously request data from APIs. fetch() and async/await are new functionalities developed in ES6 (promises) and ES8 respectively.

Promises are a new type of JavaScript object that represent data that will eventually be returned from a request.

fetch() is a web API that can be used to create requests. fetch() will return promises.

We can chain .then() methods to handle promises returned by fetch().

The .json() method converts a returned promise to a JSON object.

async is a keyword that is used to create functions that will return promises.

await is a keyword that is used to tell a program to continue moving through the message queue while a promise resolves.

await can only be used within functions declared with async.