1/19/2015 - 7:28 PM

Object Initializers

Object Initializers

A superior, best practice, efficient, evolving way to passing parameters into a method, 
based on the scenario the parameters for a method could one day change. 

Book Example :
		○ There exists a class name book, with getters setters for project
		○ In the main, a new instance of book is created and parameters pass
		via a Object Initializer method.  

Though not displayed here, in the class 'Book' we might have a method called 
'getBookID'.  This method would work on the 
values of the parameters passed in via the Object initializer technique.  

public class Book
		public int BookID { get; set; }
		public string BookName { get; set; }
		public string AuthorName { get; set; }
		public string ISBN { get; set; }
//main area, responsible for passing the params in.  
class BookApp
    static void Main(string[] args)
	Book book = new Book
                    BookID = 1,
                    BookName = "MVC Music Store Tutorial",
                    AuthorName = "Jon Galloway",
                    ISBN = "NA"