5/5/2016 - 2:48 PM

Getting lists from dictionaries in Ansible http://www.danielhall.me/category/computing/linux/system-administration/ansible/

# In Ansible lots of things take lists (or comma seperated
# strings), however lots of things return dicts. One
# example of this is the hostvars and groups variable.
# groups returns a list of machines in a group, and
# hostvars is a dict containing all the hosts. So if you
# need a list of ip addresses of those hosts for the
# route53 module you cant. This filter makes this possible.

def fetchlistfromdict(d, l):
    result = []
    for item in l:

    return result

class FilterModule(object):
    def filters(self):
        return {
            'fetchlistfromdict': fetchlistfromdict,