1/9/2015 - 2:41 PM

apache config tips

apache config tips

== # Apache Internal Dummy Connection - what is it and what should I do with it? ==

If you wish to exclude apache dummy connections from your log:

  SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "83\.170\.93\.77" loopbackaccess
  CustomLog logs/access_log combined env=!loopbackaccess

== # ProxyPassMatch ==

ProxyPassMatch is available, which lets you specify a pattern (Regular Expression) for your forwarding - for example, if you wanted to forward all you image requests to an image server:

  ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*\.jpg)$ http://images.wellho.net/$1

== # How do I point all the .html URLs in a directory at a single intelligent page? ==

  RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html$ action.php?pagename=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}