9/28/2015 - 11:36 AM


Viewing images in ST2

THIS Sublime Text 2 plugin

Enables you to view images from ST2 directly using a menu command or the hotkey combo CMD + SHIFT + SPACE. Since it uses the native OSX quick look functionality you can practically view anything that quick look can display!

TODO's in ST2

I've become used to adding TODO's since Flash Builder so i sought an alternative for sublime text 2, here among others. I've found one that's great and isn't tied to user- or application wide settings but can be project-specific: SublimeTODO. install it using the Sublime Package Manager and further instructions are to be found in the github readme.

Here is an example of how to add it to your project settings (hint: add the settings example on the github page under "settings" and edit further if needed)

And here is a screencast and an example of how a TODO looks like. If you, like me, would like JavaScript todo's just add it the normal way and comment out the actual todo line like this:

//TODO: assert parameters

Happy TODO listing!