3/9/2021 - 9:18 AM

My Personal Plans


Success depends upon previous preparations, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. --The Doctrine Of The Mean(483-402 BCE)
凡事预则立,不预则废。-- 《中庸》

Monthly To-Do List (月计划)


  • 整理笔记
  • Reading A Tour of C++ 看完这本书
  • Reading the C Vu and Overload 161 Journals. 阅读两份accu期刊

Annual Plans 2021 (年度计划)

Several books (一些必读的书):

A Tour of C++C++ legality guideswhat you can and can’t do in C++
Meyers, Effective C++, 3rd EditionC++ morality guideswhat you should and shouldn’t do in C++
Meyers, Effective Modern C++C++ morality guides...
Meyers, More Effective C++...
Koenig and Moo, Accelerated C++Programming-by-example guidesshow lots of examples, normally making liberal use of the C++ standard library

In addition, Some recommended materials:

Optional plans(年度可选的计划):

  • Read Computer organization and architecture : designing for performance
  • Think in C++, 阅读这本书的三卷
  • *Computer organization and architecture : designing for performance *, 在维基百科的Locality of reference页面有提到这本书,p800,好像很不错的书,已下载到我的OneDrive里面,有时间就分配阅读。在线的版本--> PDF Online

Back-up plans(后备计划)

Three-year plans

  • Raise a puppy, 养一只小狗
  • Raising fish, 用水族箱养鱼
  • 想买个电动汽车,特斯拉或比亚迪,周末带我家猫猫狗狗出去兜风。该计划取决于以后的个人经济状态。

Have Done! (已完成)