12/15/2014 - 7:33 AM


config file

  • /etc/ffserver.conf

input && supported live feeds

  • input streams are called feeds, and each one is specified by a <Feed> section in the configuration file.
  • Each feed is identified by a unique name, corresponding to the name of the resource published on ffserver, and is configured by a dedicated Feed section in the configuration file.
  • streaming from files / prerecorded files
  • time shifting on live feeds / FFM streams from some ffmpeg instance
  • the feed publish URL is: http://ffserver_ip_address:http_port/feed_name

output streams

  • For each feed you can have different output streams in various formats, each one specified by a <Stream> section in the configuration file.
  • The stream access HTTP URL is: http://ffserver_ip_address:http_port/stream_name[options]
  • The stream access RTSP URL is: http://ffserver_ip_address:rtsp_port/stream_name[options]

sample config