7/8/2015 - 2:06 PM

Helpful GitHub PR descriptions

Helpful GitHub PR descriptions

Please write a short description of what the PR entails for project. Also, please remember to begin your PR as soon as you create a branch and make your first commit. This allows others to see what's actually being worked on and what the latest updates are (especially if a project has a lot of existing branches).


  • {{insert any Basecamp or other links that are relevant to the project here}}


  • inserting any tasks as checkboxes help others understand what items are left to accomplish
  • if you put a space between the brackets, the checkboxes will be unchecked
  • and GitHub allows you to interact with this from the PR page


  • {{insert any staging links that will help reviewers test the code being committed}}


  • @CMN/tech {{tag any person or group that will be reviewing parts or all of this PR}}