5/27/2015 - 12:43 AM

Google Analytics

Plugin options and settings

Google Analyticator for Wordpress
The plug-in that I use on my ASK Design site.

My dashboard and/or widgets page is blank or contains errors

— I disabled a couple of plug-ins, but that did not solve the problem.
— I increased to 48M, and the Plug-in now seems to be working. Will check again tomorrow.

My dashboard and/or widgets page is blank or contains errors
The most common problem associated with blank pages or errors on pages is WordPress running out of memory during page load. Most servers by default are configured for 8MB or 16MB memory limits, and when several plugins are installed, that memory can be used up quick. There are a couple of ways to fix this problem:

1. Increase your server's memory limit.

Increasing the memory limit will give WordPress the memory it needs to complete a page load. This can be done by adding or changing the wp_memory_limit constant in wp-config.php <> . Start with 32M, then increase to 48M, 64M, 92M or 128M, choosing the lowest number that works.

If you get up to 128M and you notice no change, your host may have disabled memory_limit alterations from the PHP side. Contact your host's support and kindly ask if they can increase your server's memory limit slightly.

2. Disable plugins.

If you're unable to change your memory_limit or would prefer not to, the next step is to disable plugins. Remove any plugins you're not currently using and check for a change. Each plugin's memory requirements are different, so you may find one plugin that makes a greater difference than others. Play around with different plugin configurations until you find a combination that keeps your memory usage under the limit, and still lets you use the plugins that matter to you.
Google Analytics by Yoast
This was installed on my site and it interferred with my Siteground affiliate links. So, I disabled and then the links worked correctly. Next, I deleted it from my blog and reinstalled Google Analyticator for Wordpress