9/13/2018 - 7:10 PM

Desktop Server

Desktop Server notes and tips

Desktop Server Limited is free. Restricts you to 3 sites.

- Installs current version of WP
- Can import db from live site, but tables may not integrate.
- Can import xml for posts and content from live site.
- I store sites inside Sites > DesktopServer-Sites >
- Cannot import via Duplicator or BUB without Premium Plan.

For non-WP sites
- Simply create a new dev site and clone contents into that folder.
1. Create a local WordPress Website
2. Finish the installation by opening a browser and going to your newly created .dev site
3. In the Dashboard, configure your site with any frameworks, themes and plugins that you might have
4. If you are using anything that requires a license key (that does not use an API), go into that plugin and enter the key, then save
5. In DesktopServer, export that local site to a .zip file
6. Place that zip file in your Blueprints directory (Mac is \\applications\XAMPP\Blueprints and Windows is c:\xampplite\blueprints)
7 Restart DesktopServer if necessary
Next time you go to create a site, you’ll find that your newly created archive is now a Blueprint and it’s ready for local deployment!