11/14/2013 - 6:35 PM

###The TreasureHunter

This app is a multi player game where users can register for Treasure Hunts that will allow them to search around their city for "Treasures" based on Clues given to them from a Hunt Master.

App will be used by Hunters on mobile phones and by the Hunt Master on desktop.

A Treasure is searched for based on one Clue revealed at:

  • the start of the game
  • after each consecutive Treasure is found.

One "hint" is revealed automatically (by SMS message) when the Hunter gets within a set radius of the Treasure.

When a Hunter finds the final Treasure, an email message will be sent notifying all the Hunters that it was found and which Hunter found it.

Here is the game flow:

  • Unregistered users will visit the app splash page and either register or log in via authentication forms.

  • They then will be given a choice to create a new Hunt or select from a list of pre-created Hunts.

  • If the choice is made to create a new Hunt, that user will be designated the Hunt Master.

    Hunt Master track:

    • The Hunt Master will be shown a map on which to drop pins for locations for Treasures.

    • Each new pin will open up a form to add a clue and a hint for that Treasure.

    • The game will allow an unlimited number of Treasure

    • The game will allow a Hunt Master to create an unlimited number of Hunts (which will all be listed with a unique title to the Hunts List.)

    • The Hunt Master will add participants via a form with fields for name and email address.

    • Once confirmed an email will be sent to each listed participant bearing a link to the sign in/sign up page on the app.

    Hunter Track

    • Players will receive an email (when added to a Hunt) asking them to confirm their participation.

    • Participation is confirmed by logging in and checking a box next to their repopulated email address.

    • The app will validate the Hunter's name & email for uniqueness and nonsense usernames.

    • When the Hunter confirms participations they will be shown the lists of Hunters, the number of Treasures, the start time and location (as a Clue).

    • Hunters will search for Treasures based on the Treasure Clue.

    • Will have tabs to show current Clue, Map, and Leaderboard

    • When a Treasure is located (they reach the location and enter in an answer to the Hint) a star (or pin will be reveals on their map tab)

    • When all Treasures are located, that Hunter will be listed as the Winner and an email (or text) will be sent to all Hunters.