9/15/2017 - 6:06 PM


I received comments on the following:

  • Clearing the green markers results after the first click

  • An option to search zip code

  • consider penning the default view to better center on the entire lower 48

  • You could zoom into the users location based on user IP and something like maxmind api; If you do not go that route, make the map a little bit taller by default so you can zoom in one level more so everything is bigger to make it easier for the user to find their location and click.

  • if you do not do the maxmind route then when the user clicks you could zoom into that location and then show the green pins vs showing green dots at same zoom level which makes the user zoom in which is a bad user experience.

  • If i select a bunch of green pins i have a bunch of boxes pop up - make it so the previous box goes away when a new box opens up.

  • results w/o day/time info would be annoying if i was really looking for something - maybe do different color pins - green pins at minimum have day and time... orange pins have a name and general location but no day time - this would allow the user to see a possible market.

  • There are so many around me that it would be cool to be able to pick a day i.e. show me all that are on a monday.

  • when i move my location (red pin) to some where else the green dots from the original location stay and then more pop up - if i move my red pin 10 times i have hundreds of green pins - what about removing the green pins from the old location when a new location is selected?