6/2/2016 - 1:19 PM

Duplicating Front-Page Template for Use on Any Page

Bill Erickson 6/2/16

Bill Erickson commented on Don't use the Genesis Blog Page Template.

in response to Jono Farrington:

    I have a newbie question. What I want to do is replicate the current home page (static front page in settings), to an inner url i.e, and then set this to the home page. Is there an easy to way to replicate the widgetized homepage? Thanks, Jono

A front-page.php file is only used for the front page of the site. But if you name it something else, like template-home.php and add /* Template Name: Home */ at the top of the file, it will now be a page template available for any page. When editing a page, in the right column you can select what template is used.