7/13/2014 - 3:19 PM

Front End Conference 2014

Friday Talks

Daniel Ryan

  • frictionless is better than funneled
  • optimizing is better than testing
  • S3 buckets (Amazon)

Rachel Smith - Animating the web in a post-Flash world

  • @rachelsmithtweets
  • works for Active Theory
  • checkout her Codepen
  • SVG framework: SnapSVG
  • JS
    • watch your memory and garbage collection
    • choose event listening/handling wisely
    • request animation frame function (helps performance)
    • keep the "hard work" out of the loop, cache it beforehand

Drew Barontini - Thinking Modular CSS

  • @drewbarontini
  • reusable modular elements as opposed to complex pages
  • modules to break things down into smaller parts that can be integrated in multiple arrangements
  • smaller parts, smaller sets of styles (Mote, sass-globbing)
  • MVCSS (review this at some point)
  • BEM methodology
  • .dropdown,
  • submodules
    • elements that are scoped to a parent module
  • avoid "magic numbers"
    • example: top: -2px; \* fixme: magic number *\
  • make patterns and modules more abstract
  • modules.scss in projects for abstract modules? maybe a module library?
  • modifier: .video--center, module: .video-play
  • are you unsetting a lot of styles? if so, break it out into a module
  • identify patterns and name them in an abstract, more reusable manner (row, cell, well, etc.)
  • lists: .list, .list--inline, .list--object
  • front-end audit - review your elements and modules after the fact
  • summary: always be evaluating

Andi - Designing in the browser

Elyse Holladay

Kevin Mandeville - How to Build Kickass Emails

Noah Stokes - Boxes & Grids Oh My

Saturday Talks

Carl Smith

  • worrying about stress is worse than stress
  • brains release oxytosin (sp) during physical interaction between humans
  • kids sleep 40% of their childhood, adults sleep 20% of that time
  • don't look at bright lights 30 minutes prior to sleep (hinders melatonin release)
  • the average child smiles almost 400 times per day, average adult is less than 20 times per day
  • 1 true smile has the same impact on our mood as 2,000 bars of chocolate

Erica Walker, Alex Horne - Clemson University - Intersecting worlds of web & education

Amanda - UX Dev @ DockYard - Forms

  • datalist form element (still in "beta")

Rob Harr - Sparkbox - Let's be brutally honest about honest operations for web agencies

  • value pricing - pricing based on what kind of value the product has to the client
  • work for hire - client owns code which means company has no liability for it
  • train your clients to think about your pricing model
  • life's too short to work with assholes

Travis Miller - remote, commit, push

Andrew Norcross -

Mina Markham - SMACSS with Sass

  • SMACSS is a philosophy, not a framework
  • created by Jonathan Snook
  • base, layout, modules, states, themes
  • ampersand namedspace modules can have underscores dashes now
  • example: .btn { &-active { /* ... */ } }
  • Sass 3.4 RC1 released recently
    • selector functions
    • nest, append, extend, replace, unify
  • SassMeister

Matt Carver - Big Spaceship - Contextually aware web design

  • book coming out called The Responsive Web
  • checkout his sensors JS for time detection and DOM manipulation
    • like a micro Modernizr
  • nome.js - JS library for contextual awareness
  • nome.ready( function() { /* ... */ });
  • level 4 media queries
    • @media(light-level: [dim|normal|washed]) { /* ... */ }
    • customMedia accessible via JS in level 4 spec (documentation is slim)
    • pointer: used to define the target area covered by a pointing device ('coarse' or 'fine')
    • display quality media queries: scan, resolution (checks DPI), update frequency
  • idea: contextually aware stylesheet userscript for reddit
    • dark theme in dim light or at night, light theme otherwise

Jason Beaird - Design pattern craftsmanship

Mason Stewart - A frontender builds a backend: learning to think with your eyes closed

  • @masondesu
  • works for Iron Yard
  • opening a new office in St. Pete within a few months to teach classes