3/4/2013 - 10:44 AM



<!-- These pieces of code are to track customer behaviors. They only track actions when you identify a customer via their email -->

<!-- 1. Copy the code from just before the </head> tag.

<!-- 2. Copy this code just before </body> on each deal page (e.g.,-you-can-face-it-with-a-choice-of-7-top-facial-treatments-just-b1,190-at-tanaporn-clinic-;-12-lo) 
Replace the values with the dynamic data from each deal. We handle the rest. -->
  _veroq.push(['track', 'viewed deal', {
    name: 'replace-with-deal-name',
    price: 'replace-with-deal-price',
    url: 'replace-with-deal-url',
    image_url: 'replace-with-image-url',
    saving: 'replace-with-deal-saving',
    expiry_time: 'replace-with-expiry-time' // Use the format '2013-05-01 11:00+0700'

<!-- 3. Copy this code just before the </body> tag on the thank you page AFTER checkout completion. -->
  _veroq.push(['track', 'completed checkout']);