2/27/2013 - 11:29 PM

notes from hacking my kindle paperwhite

notes from hacking my kindle paperwhite


useful hacks

disable screensaver

type ~ds into search bar. this functionality is installed automatically with the jailbreak

turn off and on wifi (apparently stops kindle OS from interfering)

/etc/init.d/wifi stop
/etc/init.d/wifi --mode std

you can also put the wifi into host mode or ad-hoc mode

join network

iwconfig wlan0 essid has_no_internet

allow kindle to connect to non-internet enabled wifi

touch /mnt/us/WIFI_NO_NET_PROBE
restart wifid

open questions

  • can 3G be disabled without disabling wifi?
  • can it run node?
  • can it be scripted to auto-start kterm, auto-join wifi, and auto connect to the raspberry pi?