Dear soon-to-be-former user,

We've got some fantastic news!  Well, it's great news for us anyway.  You, on 
the other hand, are fucked.

We've just been acquired by:

[ ] Facebook
[ ] Google
[ ] Twitter
[ ] Other: _________________

As you are aware, we've always provided a free service, and have never even 
tried offering a for-pay option.  This means we've never had any income and 
have been operating at a loss for our entire existence.  Since any schoolchild 
can see this is unsustainable, it should have been more-or-less obvious to you 
from the get-go that we were either going to crap up the site with ads at a 
few cents per-click, or that we've always intended to be an acquisition target.
You can do the math on that one.

Your personal data which, until just now, was critical to our core business 
will be deleted:

[ ] Immediately
[ ] Within a week
[ ] Within 30 days

We are excited to continue our core mission of connecting people with 
solutions at our new home.  Please realize that this is so vague a statement 
as to be completely meaningless.  But we just made so much money that at the 
moment we genuinely believe this horseshit.  In reality, you will never hear 
about us or anything we create ever again.  We are probably going to end up, 
like, implementing a new scrollbar for Google Reader or something.

Thanks so much for making our business so valuable and enticing to a much 
larger company with more money than sense.

Now grab your data while you still can and get out of here,

Shiny happy management ninjas
Connecting people with solutions
" loves you!"