8/31/2013 - 2:25 PM

Plugin Name: PageLines DMS Toolbar Customizer
Author: TourKick (Clifford P)
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
Description: Removes 'Get More Sections' link from Add To Page panel, removes Theme panel, and removes DMS panel from the DMS editor for non-Administrators (e.g. Editors). <strong>Edit the plugin's file to customize other options.</strong> May also choose to copy code directly into your DMS child theme's functions.php file instead of activating this plugin. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> may also be helpful.
License: GPLv2
Version: 1.1.20131105
add_filter('pl_toolbar_config','pagelines_dms_toolbar_customizer',11, 2);
function pagelines_dms_toolbar_customizer( $toolbar ){
		!current_user_can('manage_options') // the uncommented items below only get removed for non-Administrators who also have access to the PageLines DMS Editor
		//&& get_current_user_id() !== '1' // could also choose to limit to certain Administrators via user ID
		//unset($toolbar['add-new']);		//Add To Page (Sections)
			unset( $toolbar['add-new']['panel']['more_sections']);		// Add To Page -- Get More Sections
		//unset($toolbar['page-setup']);	//Templates
		//unset($toolbar['settings']);		//Settings (Global Options)
			//unset( $toolbar['settings']['panel']['importexport']);		// Settings -- Import + Export
			//unset( $toolbar['settings']['panel']['advanced']);			// Settings -- Advanced
		unset($toolbar['theme']);			//Theme
			//unset( $toolbar['theme']['panel']['avail_themes']);			// Theme -- Your Themes
			//unset( $toolbar['theme']['panel']['more_themes']);			// Theme -- Get More Themes
		// do not use, makes DMS not load -- unset($toolbar['pl-design']);		//Custom Code
			//unset( $toolbar['pl-design']['panel']['user_less']);		// Custom -- Custom LESS/CSS
			//unset( $toolbar['pl-design']['panel']['user_scripts']);		// Custom -- Custom Scripts
		unset($toolbar['account']);			//DMS
			//unset( $toolbar['account']['panel']['pl_account']);		// DMS -- Your Account (like defining DMS_DISABLE_ACCOUNT_PANEL constant in wp-config.php)
			//unset( $toolbar['account']['panel']['getting_started']);	// DMS -- Getting Started
			//unset( $toolbar['account']['panel']['support']);			// DMS -- Getting Started
		//unset($toolbar['toggle-grid']);	//Preview

	return $toolbar;