3/7/2017 - 7:40 PM

Filter vs Query in Elastic 5

Filter vs Query in Elastic 5

Filter vs Query:

The difference is simple: filters are cached and don't influence the score, therefore faster than queries. Have a look here too. Let's say a query is usually something that the users type and pretty much unpredictable, while filters help users narrowing down the search results , for example using facets.

- Right so, if the user is doing a google type search then I would use a query? If they are selecting possible value from a drop down (eg, invoice count > 50) then this would be a filter?

- Yep, that's exactly right. Any time you need to restrict the entire set of documents by some metric, that's usually a case that a filter is appropriate. So maybe by age, length, size, etc etc

As a general rule, filters should be used instead of queries:

  • for binary yes/no searches
  • for queries on exact values

As a general rule, queries should be used instead of filters:

  • for full text search
  • where the result depends on a relevance score

You QUERY to the elastic in FILTERED documents

Filter is like Where in LINQ.