6/9/2013 - 10:52 AM

All the shortcuts I know and use in Intellij Idea resp. Android Studio. v 1.0

All the shortcuts I know and use in Intellij Idea resp. Android Studio.

v 1.0

Strg  	Alt	Shift 	Key		Function
	x		Einf		Generate/Insert dialog
x		x	ENTER		Statements completion like blocks and brackets
x	x		T		Surrond codeblock with…
x			W		Select succesively increasing code blocks
x			F11		bookmarks and mark the line with selected key
		x	F11		invokes a list of bookmarks. Pressing a key takes to associated bookmark.
x		x	Backspace	go to most recent code edit. Hit again to go even further back.
x			E		recent opened files
x		x	E		recent edited files
x		x	T		create Test unit
x	x	x	N		search for symbol, e.g. methodname
x			N		Go to class
x		x	A		open dialog for searching for shortcuts
x			B		Goto declaration
x	x		B		Goto implementation
x			U		Goto super-method/super-class
x			O		Select Method to Overrid/Implement Dialog
x	x		O		Organize Imports
x	x		<- resp. ->	to get back to where I was / go forward again
	x		<- resp. ->	navigate between tabs
x	x		F7		Show usages
	x		F7		Find usages
x			P		Parameter info
x			F		Find
x		x	F		Find in Path
			F3		Find next
		x	F3		Find previous
x		x	F3		(Find in path) to search in the whole project.
			F2		Next highlighted error
		x	F2		Previous highlighted error
x	x		V		Introduce Variable Refactoring
x			Backspace	Delete to word start
x			Delete		Delete to word end 
x	x		M		Extract Method
x		x	V		Past more recent elements from clipboard
x			F8		Set/Unset Breakpoint
x		x	F8		View all Breakpoints
x			J		Inser live Template
x		x	F12		Maximize editor window
x			Q		Quick JavaDoc Popup 
x	x		I		Clean up tab misalignment
	x		Pos1		Jump to breadcrumbs
x			F12		Popup class structure
x			D		Repeat/copy current line directly beneath
x			H		Type Hirarchy
x	x		H		Call Hirarchy of method
		x	!		Select boolean from completion list, will negate it
x	x	x	T		Refactor this
x		x	Del		Unwrap/Delete block

After enter press TAB:
			inn	if not null - block
			ifn	if null - block
			iter	it will figure out the most likely variable you want to iterate over and generate a for loop for it
			inst	check object type with instanceof block
			itco	Iterate over collection
			itit	Iterate over Iterator
			itli	Iterate over List
			iten	Iterate over Enumerator
			fori	Create iteration loop
			itar	Iterate elements of array
			ittok	Iterate tokens from String
			itve	Iterate element of Vector
			ritar	Iterate elelemts of array in reverse order
			psf	public static final block
			thr	throw new block