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JS code golfing

JS code golfing

codegolf JS

Mini projects by Maxime Euzière (xem), subzey, Martin Kleppe (aemkei), Mathieu Henri (p01), Litterallylara, Tommy Hodgins (innovati), Veu(beke), Anders Kaare, Keith Clark, Addy Osmani, bburky, rlauck, cmoreau, maettig, thiemowmde, ilesinge, adlq, solinca, xen_the,...

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(Official Slack room: / join us on (tweetable Mandelbrot tracers) (188b Game of Life tweak to produce a Serpinski triangle) (new 184b Game of life on a canvas) (73b+ speech synthetizer) (100b+ speech recognition) (146b+ speech recognition + synthesis) (73b JS snippet to outline every block in a page) (1kb periodic table) (~128b webcam/microphone echo) (mini CSS3D experiments) (compute Pi in ~256b!) (tiny shape editor for 2D games) (tiny map editor for 2D games) (600b snake clone) (Twirl) (128b waves made with Unicode diatrics) (112b Lorenz attractor) (~128b fire animation) (<20b snowflakes generator) (170b regex tester) (tiny bookmarklets) (512b Lite shadertoy clone) (1kb shadertoy clone) (1kb js beautifier),js,output (ASCII Mandelbrot drawer in less than 100b) (Canvas Mandelbrot drawer in less than 256b) (JS Bookmarklet editor in 80b),output (Countdown until next new year in ascii art in 188b) (Tiny Xmas trees in 135b) (Unicode slideshows in 64b and up) (JS KeyCode finder in less than 128b) (The new Google logo golfed in 146b of gzipped SVG) (a game of life in braille in less than 400b) (a Flappy Bird clone in less than 256b) (A 1-player PONG clone in less than 256b) (a PAC-MAN clone in less than 350b) (a JSperf clone in less than 300b) (a countdown app in less than 256b) (a sort of html editor in less than 256b) (a pop tiles clone in less than 350b) (a simon game with sound in 511+ bytes) (a CSS sprite generator in 567 bytes) (A Game of Life implementation in 238 bytes) (a spreadsheet app in 221 bytes) (offline text editor in 89 bytes (HTML+JS)) (offline text editor in 83+ bytes (just js)) (a flappy bird clone in 411bytes) (a 2048 clone in 491 bytes) (a christmas tree in 135 bytes) (hexadecimal viewer and editor in 243+ bytes) (file-to-dataURI converter in 99 bytes) (HTML/CSS/JS editor in 156+ bytes) (drawing with braille on Twitter in less than 1k) (chip8 emulator in 1k) (HTML/CSS/JS minifiers in 128+ bytes) (A paste app in 140 bytes) (A minesweeper game in 480 bytes) (a code-golfed code formatter in 166 bytes)

JS13k submissions

js13k 2016 game by the codegolf team:

js13k 2016 game by xem and Anders Kaare:

js13k 2015 game by xem:

js13k 2014 game by xem:

js13k 2014 game by the codegolf team:

JS1k submissions

JS1K 2017 demos by xem and in team:

JS1K 2016 demos by xem:

JS1K 2016 demo by p01:

JS1K 2016 demo by elias_schuett:

JS1K 2015 demo by p01:

JS1K demo by aemkei:

JS1K 2015 demos by xem:

JS1K 2015 demo by Subzey:

JS1K 2015 demos by all the team:

JS1k 2014 demo by xem

JS1k 2014 demo by xem and subzey

JS1K entries by Veubeke

More info (p01's website) (aemkei's website) (xem's website)