11/28/2012 - 4:26 PM

Things to do after install ArchLinux (2012.12.01)

Things to do after install ArchLinux (2012.12.01)

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Things to do after install ArchLinux (2012.12.01)

pacman --noconfirm -S sudo

# Enabled archlinuxfr repo
arch=$(uname -m)
sudo cp /etc/pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf.bak
echo "" >> /etc/pacman.conf
echo "[archlinuxfr]" >> /etc/pacman.conf
echo "Server =$arch" >> /etc/pacman.conf

# Core
pacman --noconfirm -Syu
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S xorg-server xorg-utils xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit
# sudo pacman --noconfirm -S mesa # 3D support
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S gcc patch curl zlib readline libxml2 libxslt
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S bison autoconf automake diffutils make libtool
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S dbus ttf-dejavu sudo yaourt wget openssh
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S tar gzip unzip unrar
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S git vim

# Disk
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S gvfs ntfs-3g gvfs-afc

# Plugins for mp3 playback and other media
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S alsa-oss alsa-lib alsa-utils
#sudo yaourt --noconfirm -S alsaequal

# Fonts
sudo yaourt --noconfirm -S ttf-source-code-pro

sudo pacman --noconfirm -S xfce4 thunar-volman

# Desktop
sudo yaourt --noconfirm -S google-chrome
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S pidgin pidgin-musictracker
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S evince flashplugin

# VirtualBox
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S virtualbox virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox-vboxdrv.conf <<< "vboxdrv"

# Wirelesss
#sudo pacman --noconfirm -S polkit-gnome gnome-keyring libgnome-keyring

# DM
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S slim
sudo systemctl enable slim.service

# For Ruby
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S libyaml

# Shell
sudo pacman --noconfirm -S zsh

# Utils
sudo yaourt --noconfirm -S xarchiver

# Reminders
echo "****************************************************************"
echo "Reminders"
echo "---------"
echo "* Install your Video driver according with your videocard. (i.e)"
echo "	sudo pacman -S xf86-video-intel"
echo "* Generate your new public key using 'ssh-keygen -t rsa'"
echo "* Create an user. (i.e archie)"
echo "	sudo useradd -m -g users -G audio,lp,optical,storage,video,wheel,games,power,scanner -s /bin/zsh archie"
echo " 	sudo passwd archie"
echo ""
echo "Hey Papi!"
echo "Do you speak Spanish? So you have to do:"
echo "setxkbmap -layout latam"
echo "****************************************************************"