8/21/2017 - 3:54 AM

Root Pixel + Custom Kernel

Root Pixel + Custom Kernel

Question: How to change Pixel's color profile?


  • We need to root -> install custom kernel -> modify color profile.

For Root: relevant resources: XDA, XDA, XDA

  • First we need to Unlock the bootloader, follow this guide to unlock boot loader: GadgetHacks

  • Second we need to install TWRP following this guide: GadgetHacks

    • VERY IMPORTANT: TWRP ZIP and Boot Image Patcher ZIP in step 3, 4 should be put in the phone's Downloads folder.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: In step 9 Flash TWRP & the Boot Image Patcher, If the phone doesn't prompt for password, don't freak out and wipe everything like an idiot, instead keep repeating step 8 Boot from the TWRP Image File until it show up, it a timing issue as quoted in XDA.
    • NOTE: All the links in the article seem up-to-date, if not check the TWRP link above for newest version, America and Europe is the host only, not the phone region, don't freak out like an idiot.
  • After install superSU (get root) (the link in the guide above up-to-date, check newest version here XDA), update necessary apps, then we need to do a NANDroid Backup, follow this guide: GadgetHacks.

  • [Optional] we can copy the whole TWRP to PC for back up, see HowToGeek, AndroidExplained. This can be done via USB cable, no need for adb.

  • Next we need to install the ElementalX custom kernel (XDA) and flash it via TWRP. Leave almost all option to stock.