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Schema For MedicalProcedure

Schema For MedicalProcedure

<div itemscope itemtype=""><h2><span itemprop="name">Dental Implant</span>  History</h2>
Many people do not realize that dental implants have been utilized in dental restoration procedures for more than 20 years. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the vast majority of dental implants that oral and maxillofacial surgeons placed over 20 years ago are still functioning at peak performance! 

Modern bone implant technology began in 1952 after an experiment conducted by Swedish professor and orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark. Titanium was used in a way to understand the flow of blood in the bone, making this titanium a “medical-grade” standard. Brånemark made the innovative discovery of osseointegration, which is the fusion between implant and bone. His work was groundbreaking for oral surgery, dentistry, and the medical community.

<span itemprop="description">With over 40 years of supportive research and studies, dental implants have proved to be the longest lasting option, and in recent years, the procedure has shown a success rate of 96% in patients. Dental implant procedures have become the best and preferred option for the replacement of one or multiple teeth.

<h2>An Introduction To Dental Implant Procedures</h2>
Dental implants are proven to be the most permanent form of tooth replacement available to patients. This is due to the dental implant mechanics, which include an implant screw that naturally fuses with the jaw bone, making it comparable to a natural tooth root. Dental implants are firmly affixed in the mouth and do not shake loose like other temporary options. Dental implants are the only tooth restoration that have the potential to last a lifetime.

A single tooth dental implant has three parts:
<li>The titanium implant. This is the physical dental implant that takes the place of the tooth root, and it will fuse to the jaw bone, offering a very secure tooth.</li>
<li>The abutment. This small metal post anchors the implant to the crown.</li>
<li>The crown. This piece is custom designed and fabricated to fit in your mouth and look like the rest of your teeth. It connects directly on top of the implant and abutment.</li>
Dental implants offer superior design and long-term functionality, making them the best replacement option for restoring natural appearance and function. Some other restoration options require healthy teeth to be altered or ground down in order to cement a bridge; dental implants do not rely on the support of surrounding healthy teeth to carry the burden of the prosthesis. Patients with dental implants do not have to worry about their natural teeth being damaged during the restoration process. Patients who choose dental implants can smile with confidence, while eating all different kinds of food, knowing that their teeth function and look just like natural teeth. </span>

<h2>What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?</h2>
Patients who undergo a dental implant procedure experience a variety of benefits not provided by other forms of dental restoration like fixed bridges and removable dentures. Dental implants provide the following benefits: 
<li>A long-term solution. A dental implant can last a lifetime if properly placed and cared for. Patients who have dental implants do not need to worry about implant replacement once the implant has integrated with the jaw bone.</li>
<li>Maintain facial aesthetics. Dental implant patients smile with confidence. Their teeth look and function just like natural, healthy teeth.</li>
<li>Maintenance of healthy teeth. Dental implants do not require any healthy teeth to be ground down to cement a bridge or rely on the strength of adjacent teeth to support a bridge.</li>
<li>Stability and security. Since dental implants act as natural teeth, they also keep adjacent teeth from shifting or moving. Tooth movement is a common occurrence when a tooth is missing for an extended period of time, and dental implants can maintain the alignment of your smile. Dental implants also prevent the degradation of the jaw bone that occurs when teeth are lost.</li>
<h2>The Dynamic Concepts Dental Implant Experience</h2>
Dynamic Concepts Dental Implant Center offers patients a unique approach to implant dentistry. Every member of the Dynamic Concepts team works cohesively to support our patients in a considerate manner that utilizes communication to ensure that patients feel informed throughout their customized treatment plan. Whether you are having a single dental implant placed, multiple teeth replaced, or an entire arch of teeth restored, our patients are at ease knowing that the Dynamic Concepts team is available every step of the way. We are available to answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure that you experience an optimal surgical outcome. 

Dynamic Concepts Dental Implant Center is a team of experienced specialists who perform dental implant procedures regularly, which makes us your ideal choice for performing your dental implant procedure. We make every effort to ensure your dental implant experience is as pleasant and successful as possible.

<h2>Who Will Be On My Treatment Team?</h2>
At Dynamic Concepts Dental Implant Center, our treatment team is available at one convenient location. Patients who receive a dental restoration at our practice can expect to meet and communicate with:

Experienced Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists. Dynamic Concepts’ staff consists of highly skilled and trained specialists. Dr. Weber, our oral & maxillofacial surgeon, is board certified and possesses a dental degree and a medical degree, along with years of dental implant procedure experience. Dr. Loewenstein, our prosthodontist (a dentist with advanced education and specialized training in treatment for replacing missing teeth), specializes in innovative, computerized implant technology while maintaining a laboratory team for over 25 years. Our dynamic team works hand in hand to give patients their best results. 
Well-Trained, Highly-Skilled Surgical Staff. Our surgical staff is here for you, guiding you through the entire dental implant process and addressing every question and concern. 

3D CT Scan and Consultation: If you are not sure if dental implant placement is right for you, then schedule a consultation and let Dynamic Concepts perform a thorough exam and a 3D CT scan. We want to help you find the best treatment that is customized just for you.</div>