5/12/2016 - 8:41 AM


cd galaxy/

git branch

git revert 4127ec0fdd426fc152e4af9c19b1c46ac93a3b2a # the hash of the commit to be removed

push origin galaxykickstarter # to update the remote branch with the change

git remote add galaxy https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy # to add the remote galaxyproject repo

git fetch galaxy

git cherry-pick 8255e722cd21bb1cee594db3212657c6a22aa730 # the commit on the branch with the fix, not yet merged (in the pull request "commits" tab)

git pull galaxy pull/2345/head:release_16.04_fix_for_2029 # "pull/2345/head:release_16.04_fix_for_2029" is a special branch for the PR)

git log # to check what appened

git branch # to check what is the local branch

git push origin galaxykickstarter # push our changes in our remote forked galaxy repo