5/26/2015 - 11:41 PM

Site Validation

Fix errors

/* --- Validation --- */
3.17.10 - I google-searched for the charset rule error and found another person with
the very same experience:

I tried validating my CSS (using web developer FF plugin) and it returned
one error.

"1016 - The @charset rule may only occur at the start of the style sheet.
Please check that there are no spaces before it.  @charset "utf-8";"

I have no idea what's causing this error and how to fix it.

Btw, this error has been there since day one I installed the Framework
theme. I was just kinda ignoring it thinking that its not that important.

Thanks for your support.

Are you validating locally? I got that error once, but the error it is
referring to does not exist. @charset "utf-8"; appears to be formatted
Try just checking your stylesheet at this link.
Either input the url, or upload the file directly. I received no errors.