2/20/2015 - 5:29 PM


    blah blah blah
<script type="text/javascript">
    function downloadJSAtOnload() {
        var element = document.createElement("script");
        element.src = "";
    if (window.addEventListener)
        window.addEventListener("load", downloadJSAtOnload, false);
    else if (window.attachEvent)
        window.attachEvent("onload", downloadJSAtOnload);
        window.onload = downloadJSAtOnload;
//basic zopim widget code, from their site
window.$zopim||(function(d,s){var z=$zopim=function(c){z._.push(c)},$=z.s=
$.src='//';z.t=+new Date;$.

//make sure zopim does not show till we know we have department agents
var intial_zopim_hiding_done = false;

//Make sure we only try to do settings once (we get called multiple times)
var intial_zopim_setting_done = false;

console.log("zopim_defer.js is loaded");

        console.log("zopim function");

        //only try to use the livechat object if it already exists
        if (typeof($zopim.livechat) == 'object')
            if (!intial_zopim_hiding_done)
                //Before anything, hide everything. We want to make sure the widget only shows if someone is online,
                //and NOT doing this causes the widget to appear and then disapper.
                //Keeping it visible is also a viable option - I include this in case it's needed
                intial_zopim_hiding_done = true;
                console.log("zopim initially hidden");

            //Tell zopim to give us a call once they are fully initialized
            $zopim.livechat.setOnConnected (function ()
                    if (!intial_zopim_setting_done)
                        if (typeof($zopim.livechat.departments) == 'object' &&
                            typeof($zopim.livechat.departments.getDepartment('myDepartment')) == 'object') {
                            if ($zopim.livechat.departments.getDepartment('myDepartment').status == 'online') {
                                $zopim.livechat.concierge.setName('Live Support');
                                $zopim.livechat.concierge.setTitle('Ask us anything');
                                console.log(livechat_department + ": Department Online. Lang: " + livechat_language);

                                //I've seen cases where Spain dept was listed offline even though Susana logged in.
                                //therefore, only indicate that we're done setup if dept is listed as online, otherwise
                                //try each time this callback is called.
                                intial_zopim_setting_done = true;
                            } else {
                                console.log(livechat_department + ": Department Offline");