9/20/2018 - 6:50 PM

viewScroller.j | Add viewScroller to Sage 9

To add viewScroller.js to a Sage 9 theme, create a sub- directory in the 'resources' directory, include the main css and js files. Unless you need to use viewScroller on every page on the site, assets are best queued conditionally; e.g. front-page only.

Use the 2 snippets below to enque these files and initiliase the viewScroller function. Initialise the function in either the main js file (common.js) or in a specific route.

  // Animation
  animSpeedMainView: 700, // Animation speed of mainviews: 0 - fastest
  animSpeedSubView: 700, // Animation speed of subviews: 0 - fastest
  animEffectMainView: 'easeInOutCubic', // Animation effect of mainviews change - jQuery (easing)
  animEffectSubView: 'easeInOutCubic', // Animation effect of subviews change - jQuery (easing)
  animEffectMainViewCss3: 'ease', // Animation effect of mainviews change - CSS3 (easing)
  animEffectSubViewCss3: 'ease', // Animation effect of subviews change - CSS3 (easing)
  // Steering
  useKeyboard: true, // Use keyboard to change views
  useScrollbar: false, // Use scrollbar to change views
  changeWhenAnim: true, // Change views when they are changing
  loopMainViews: false, // Change horizontal views (mainviews) in loop mode
  loopSubViews: false, // Change vertical views (subviews) in loop mode
  fitToView: true, // Will the browser fit to the closest view (works if the useScrollbar option is true)
  timeToFit: 1000, // Time between stop scrolling and start fitting to the closest view
  // Mainbag dimension
  fixedWidth: 0, // (in px) width of the mainbag - if 0 - then width = 100% of window (in px) = .mainbag { width: XXX }
  spaceMainBag: 0, // (in px) a total value of the right and the left CSS margin dimensions of the .mainbag, for example: if .mainbag { left: XXX, right: YYY} then spaceMainBag = XXX + YYY
  // Callbacks
  beforeChange: null, // Callback which is called before views change
  afterChange: null, // Callback which is called after views change
  beforeResize: null, // Callback which is called before browser window resize
  afterResize: null, // Callback which is called after browser window resize
wp_enqueue_style('viewScroller-css', get_template_directory_uri() . '/viewscroller/viewScroller.min.css', false, null);
wp_enqueue_script('viewScroller-js', get_template_directory_uri() . '/viewscroller/viewScroller.min.js', ['jquery'], null, true);