2/28/2018 - 4:48 PM

Public gist - Turing - A Compilation of Items Completed for Day 7 of Prework

Public gist - Turing - A Compilation of Items Completed for Day 7 of Prework

Go back to the Learning Goals and answer the following questions in your gist:

  1. Were you able to get through the work? I believe I got through all the work. If I missed something it was by accident.

  2. Did you rush to finish, or take your time?
    It was a little bit of a rush.

  3. What do you feel most confident about? I'm most condfident that attending Turing is the right choice.

  4. What do you feel least confident about?
    I'm least confident about flow control.

  5. What are you most looking forward to learning more about?
    I'm looking forward to learning more about empathy in software development.

  6. What topics would you most like to see reinforced by instructors?
    I would like to see the instructors focus on flow control.

  7. What is most confusing to you about what you've learned?
    Loops by far are the most confusing.

  8. What questions do you have for your student mentor or for your instructors?
    What's the best way I can empower myself and my teammates?

  9. What do you feel was most successful in your game?
    The most successful piece of my game is the loop.

  10. What was the most challenging part about creating the game?
    The loop, but of course.

  11. When you reached a challenging part of the game, how did you move forward?
    I moved forward by reviewing other examples of code online, implementing changes, executing the changes and watching for the desired behavior.