4/9/2018 - 3:23 PM

Character Interpretation In a Match

These are modifiers allow you to tell Perl how to interpret the characters in a match.

# /a - use the ASCII interpretation

# /u - use the Unicode interpretation

# /l - respect the locale

# A single /a modifier affects the character class shortcuts, 
# but having two /a modifiers also tells Perl to use ACII-only case-folding.

\!h # Some examples:

/k/aai  # only matches the ASCII K or k, not Kelvin sign

/k/aia  # the /a's don't need to be next to each other

/ss/aai # only matches ASCII ss, SS, sS, Ss, not β

/ff/aai # only matches ASCII ff, FF, fF, Ff, not ff